And the drama continues…

So I realize it’s been awhile since I posted anything here. Truth be told I’ve been a little lost these last couple of months.

Last month my daughter went out to BC to visit Grandma and everything was okay until the Sunday before she came home. That was the only time that she stated she wanted to come home. She left July 1st and came home on July 27th. So that is now the longest that we have been apart. She was stuck helping with summer school for Grade 1-3 for the entire month, which when she agreed to come visit she didn’t realize it was for the whole month. On a good note she needs just 5 more volunteer hours to graduate, so that is one less thing for her to worry about, since she already knows she will get them when she helps out at the open house for her school.

Plus she got some amazing pictures for me. The one thing I miss about BC is the mountains. We have been in Ontario now for 13 years and since there aren’t really any land marks I still get my directions confused.

(Picture from BC below)


This would be one of them. There are too many to add them all, looking at this makes me miss BC even more. The end goal is to eventually make it back there one day. Before my daughter even left my mom asked her to come back for the whole summer. My daughter told her no lol. Guess that didn’t work out so well. My mother is failing to realize that she will be 15 almost 16 next summer. She’s going into Grade 10, so besides friends and boyfriends there is a chance she will have a job. This all has to be taken into consideration, which my mom is obviously not thinking about. As far as my daughter is concerned this is the last trip that she will make out there, and that is her choice.

Yes, she was in a better mood and didn’t cut, which is awesome, but she also missed her friends and everything that is out here. She had a boyfriend about two days after she got back lol they have been dating for 2 weeks or something now. This is where her life is and she’s not going to just drop everything to go visit Grandma because she is the only Grandchild she has access to.

As for me, I didn’t know what to do with myself while she was gone. I did get a boyfriend who is now living with us lol. That was the highlight of what I did while she was gone. I barely ate, barely slept, there was no routine there. I didn’t have to make sure I was up for her (ya okay she’s 14 so I don’t HAVE to be up, but I like to be up) there was no one to cook for other than myself and I hate cooking for me. The only time I cooked was when my boyfriend would be over (before he moved in)

When he wasn’t here it was just me and the cats, and while I didn’t think it was possible, I was going crazier then I already was. But she’s home now and either in her room or out, but at least she’s home.

(Picture of my cat Fatty grazing)


Other then that, well I failed my course I was taking and sadly I need it to move on to Chemistry. The course was Technology Math and I couldn’t for the life of me get past the first module. Sadly that was supposed to just be review. So I have the texts that were for the course and I’m going to try and get my head to wrap around the gibberish that’s in them and try again.

(Picture of my daughters cat Jackie that she sent me on snapchat)


As you can see I have been busy taking pictures of the cats, so that is further putting me into the crazy cat lady position… My mental health has been manageable, mostly I have been ignoring it. Still not medicated, so that’s a good thing. Though I’m not sleeping like I should so it’s only a matter of time, I already know that. My daughter hasn’t cut since before she left for BC, so I’m so proud of her for that. The scary thing is the guy that she’s dating is a cutter and has mental health issues. So now I’m concerned that if he goes down he will drag her down with him. We will cross that bridge when we get there though I guess.

(Picture of my daughters other cat Bailey, this one is funny since she always poses so pretty for the camera.. not so much this time)


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