I broke down..

So I broke down and signed for my daughter to get a belly button piercing..

Now to be fair she paid for it I just had to sign for it.. which I know totally regret because as soon as it was done I got nothing but attitude. This morning I woke up at 5:00 and she had already gone into my room and got a cell. The rule is it stays in my room until I wake up.

Second time in a week. This time she has lost it indefinitely which means she’s grounded to the house. No phone no going out.

On another note I broke up with my boyfriend. There was too much bad then good and it seems that my daughters started with her attitude.. so we shall see.

My mood doesn’t even matter. My daughter and I went for a walk before the whole piercing thing came up and I said twice I was depressed and got no response. Why be open with her when she gives off the air of not caring?

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