One of the worse days of my life, which says a lot since I have had many of those.

My daughter and I got into a huge fight in the morning which only escalated through out the day.

She found a way to got into messenger (I know not hard these days) and was talking back and forth to her boyfriend. She kept saying how she didn’t want to come home. So everything got blown out of proportion and she ended up telling her boyfriend to meet her at the mall after school.

I told her she needed to come home and talk. So when it was time for her to be home from the bus, she wasn’t and I went into freak out mode. Since she didn’t have her phone I had no clue where she was, how she was or what her state of mind was.

So I did what any parent would do and started heading towards the one location that I knew she was supposed to be.

I was lucky enough to meet her on the way there and she was crying the whole way home. Saying she didn’t deserve me because she always fucks up and whatever else.

When we got home my boyfriend was still here so I asked him to give us some time to work his out and do he left and found a place to sleep for the night.

So my daughter and I talked and worked something out. She is still grounded until at least Friday (which is weird for both of us since I have never had to ground her to the house before, since she never went anywhere) she gets her phone back but while she’s at home she’s only allowed to be on it in the living room. That part I gave up because that’s how she talks to her boyfriend and he does make her happy. So I’m juggling between punishment and her mood in general. As for the other electronics she has lost those.

It doesn’t help that I feel sorry for the kid that she’s dating. His parents apparently are always bitching at him, he goes without dinner and last night he was depressed.

So I was told that part of the reason my daughter doesn’t talk to me is because I tell everyone. Which I don’t but ok.. so I put it in writing that when she talks to me it will stay between her and I and just hope that is enough to get her to open up more to me. Yes she has been honest and open about where she has been going and with who, but I need more then that from her.

For now though things have hopefully settled down a bit.

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