And so it goes..

Well life around here got interesting in a hurry. My daughter has a new boyfriend, I have an old boyfriend back in my life. My mood is dropping faster then I can stop it and no one seems to be paying attention to that.

So let’s start with me shall we? A week ago Sunday, an ex contacted me and wanted to talk. Now this particular ex, well we never had any real problems. We didn’t fight or argue or anything like that. The issue was his anger and the fact that he used to get into a ton of fights (over what I consider stupid things and none of his business) it finally got to the point where he was so busy fighting to protect others, that I couldn’t handle it anymore. Hence we broke up. That was over 2+ years ago. So we met at the park and talked, during one of our latest thunderstorms the place that him and his “room mate” (ex girlfriend) were staying got flooded. So the landlord offered them a one bedroom for now with my boyfriend moving into his place supposedly today. Well now we are looking at another couple days, I have let him stay here until his place was ready so that he wasn’t stressed living with his ex, with the expectation that today he would have his own place and we could date, not live together. Ya so apparently that didn’t go as planned.

Then there is my daughter. For the first time she brought a guy home, shocking right. We have come to an understanding that truth and honesty will get you more then hiding and me finding out later. So fine, she brought him over and he stayed for dinner on Saturday, Sunday she went over to his house for the day. Only to be home at 8 instead of 7:30 like I told her too. Her excuse was she never got the answer back when she sent me the text asking. So automatic give me your phone. See the amazing thing about cell phones is that if the person isn’t answering your texts it has this neat ability to make phone calls!! Who would have guessed right. So, because apparently I was born yesterday I asked for her ipad as well, since the way that her and her boyfriend talk is through Facebook. So I get it and it’s her bedtime and I start reading their conversation. For the most part it was I love you crap, ok you can’t fall in love in a day but I get it, they are teenagers.

Then I get to one part where he’s talking about riding his bike over here at 3:00am Friday morning and she was going to sneak out of the house because she was feeling “rebellious” not impressed, but I read on. Then the day he was coming to meet me and she made a comment not to mention that anything about me being her “foster mom”… ummmm WTF!! That I have to admit hurt deep, I don’t even know why she would even think of saying that, of course when I asked her this morning I got the usual “I don’t know why I said it”. Finally when she got home on Sunday she sent him a message that she honestly didn’t even want to be home.

That one I got the answer for and that’s because of my boyfriend being here. She feels uncomfortable around him. Why I don’t know. I know that part of her issue with me getting back together with him is because the first time I apparently had a ton of nightmares that I couldn’t be woken up from. See this is where I may lose some of you. I am Wiccan, I am a white witch, meaning I don’t dabble in anything bad, no revenge (though I have been tempted lol) and no hexes or anything like that. I believe what you put out into the world comes back to you threefold. Therefore, everything I do is positive when it comes to spellwork. He however is a Warlock and has done black magic, and it seems that our energies don’t mesh well at times. He hasn’t done any black magic in years, (that I know of) but the fact is he still has. So she is scared that they are going to start up again. Frankly so am I, that’s why I want to date him not live with him. I like my space and my own bed and my quiet time. It’s just a matter of waiting until he can get into his own place.

From there we will see. There are other things that he does that I’m not exactly happy about, but I knew them going in and it’s a part of him. So like it or not I will just have to deal with it. As for my mental health.. perhaps that will be another post at another time.

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