Life as we know it..

So as crazy as it may sound.. I’m trying the whole dating thing.. and honestly it sucks. They either want to just have sex with you, or want you to move in before they even meet you. Seriously.. What has happened to the dating world. It’s one side or the other, with no in between. I’m not looking for a one night stand, I’m not looking to move into someone that I just started talking to.

Anyway, I think my daughters new meds are kicking in. I think a lot of her problem is that she gets so caught up in what other people think of her, instead of removing herself from the negative comments she is almost obsessed with finding out what people are saying about her. When she does find things out, she goes on and on about it.

She apparently got told once again to kill herself by her ex-boyfriend, and has screen shots of him saying on I think instagram of him telling her that she just cuts to get attention. So she called me on Thursday from school (which she has never done before) to tell me what was going on with the social worker with her. This is when I found out about the screen shots. She was supposed to email them to the V.P of the school, which I ended up doing.

I don’t know what to do anymore, I have a lock on my bedroom door so that I can leave her alone again and not worry about her doing anything. Yes if she really wants to get in it wouldn’t be hard, however I would know. She is being more open with me, which is good. She has her first counselling appointment next Monday, which she doesn’t want to go to since she doesn’t like to talk about herself and what’s going on with her.

Things are frustrating all around. Thankfully no word or communication from the ex, his truck is towed and out of site, which helped my daughters mood to begin with. Then his cell was turned off, I was expecting him to come and put a fight. Thankfully there was nothing. I think I showed my daughter that we aren’t getting back together, which also helped her mood.

So while her mood is becoming stable, mine is dropping like a rock thrown into the water. I’m trying to stay strong and balanced, not working so well. I have been binge watching Blacklist, yes I should be sleeping yet here we are watching tv lol.

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