Hopefully the end of this chapter…

Yesterday, the exes truck FINALLY got towed away!!! I played dumb since he stopped by earlier that day to get some of the stuff out. He was PISSED! I sent him a text and basically said “Hey, I just woke up, thanks for getting the truck. I’ll let the landlord know, thanks again” kind of thing. Since through this whole 2 week process of trying to get the stupid thing towed my name was never mentioned.

He demanded I call the landlord and said that one way or another the landlord was going to pay for it. So I did call the landlord, only to let him know what was going on. When I texted the ex back as to where his truck was he went off on me, stating he knows the law and blah blah blah. Well needless to say I was pissed. He had NO right to yell at me, when he had had ample time to get the piece of crap moved. Not my fault he didn’t have the money.

So what did I do?? I disconnected his cell phone, since that is on my account. So technically it’s my phone. Yes, sadly I still have to pay for it, however I don’t have to hear from him anymore. The only thing I’m worried about now is that he will just show up. I’m afraid to leave the house right now.

My daughter still went to school today as usual, since her bus stop is just around the corner, I asked if she wanted me to talk her and keep an eye on her from a distance (don’t want to embarrass her) she said no.

So, hopefully that is the end of this chapter. I thought my life of living in fear from a man was over.. apparently I was wrong. So now it’s wait to see if he does anything stupid.

As of right now his phone has been blacklisted, and removed from my account with the cell phone company. I am on the ball tonight.

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