Tired of thinking of titles..

Poem2 copy

So a sign has been posted on the building that parking is for tenants only, the tow truck company and has been called and my friend said that it will be gone by tomorrow morning.

Everything that is being done to remove the eye sore of a truck that is still sitting in my parking space over a month of us breaking up, has not had me do one single thing. So when I see the card on the door if it’s done over night or if I get handed the card, I can play dumb.

After this is done, the only thing connecting us is his cell phone, I have already told him if he’s not going to pay it I will suspend the service. So even that is taken care of, I know that he needs it for work which is the ONLY reason I’m not suspending it right away. I can’t disconnect it since there is still quite a bit of money owed on the phone that I would have to pay. So for now I’m leaving that as it is.

As for meeting to talk or meeting to get laid, that is never going to happen. The only communication that he will get from me, is once a month saying how much he owes on the phone bill.

I’m so stressed out and beyond my breaking point, however I can’t do that of course because my daughter needs me. I’m a little worried about July when she’s gone for a month, she’s the one thing that keeps me grounded and keeps me from doing anything stupid.

I know that once she is out of the house for good, she will still on some level need me so that will keep me going. However, with her being at my moms and the way that my mood is now, if I did anything she would be in a semi-safe place and the place that she would end up if anything was to happen to me (not self induced) anyway. Yes I know I need to seriously de-rail this train of thought… easier said then done though.

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