The beginning of the end.. I hope.

Today is the day that my ex gets his talking to at 2:00pm. He asked me last week if we could meet before hand to get the story right. I have been ignoring him, that is not something I want or have to deal with. For us it’s over. I know that our worker will want to talk to my daughter at least one more time, but it’s done.

So I spent yesterday baking and cleaning the entire house. My daughter did nothing but since in her room with all her electronics, every time I asked her to do something I got nothing but attitude.

There is something bugging her, I just don’t know what it is. She’s not talking to me, yet you can see it on her face and the fact that she stayed in the house all day in her room. That’s usually a big warning sign. I just need to get her to talk, good luck with that.

She has been texting me throughout the day saying how much school sucks and how she doesn’t want to be there, so I’m wondering what’s going on at school, this is kind of a new thing. I know that her first period has two of the boys that pick on her, yet she doesn’t tell me what’s going on.

I finally found someone to help me with math. And if I can get through math he will help me with Chemistry, however I’m on my own for Biology, which is fine. I love that subject. It’s the math and chem that I’m worried about.

So I am waiting to see what happens after his meeting and 2 and honestly, I’m a little scared.

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