My three bad things are over…

Last night I spent 6 hours in the ER. I fell and landed on my bad knee and now there is a huge bruise on it.

I’m back again today to an ultrasound since the X-ray showed no issues. I don’t have the money for this crap. I can’t walk here so I have to pay for a ride.

I got a call from victim services and have to go sign paperwork on Friday. They are going to try and find counselling for me.

My daughter’s counselling is up in the air still and I have no idea whays happening with her.

She thankfully is getting over her cold. We went yesterday to the walk in clinic and got her refill. No one seems to be able to give me anything for the pain in my knee. 

I got 20 pills from the hospital but that’s not going to last me until May. Of course my doc doesn’t do pain pills and anti-inflammatory pills do nothing. So it doesn’t matter who I talk to no one is willing to help me.

There is no way I’m going to make it until May. I understand the issue with pain meds because people abuse them, however that screws is that actually need them.

So nothing really going on thankfully and since everything bad comes in 3’s I’m good.

I got my math marks back and sadly I think that the dream of becoming a vet is dying. I got 80%,70% and 40% on the three assignments I handed in. The problem is this is all supposed to be review, I need 70% to pass the course. I’m just not getting it and no one around to help. So I will keep trying but, I’m losing faith.

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