It’s over

So I just got a call from Family and Children’s services. There are not going to be criminal charges against the ex. There isn’t a line that was crossed as far as the law.

So Family and Children’s Services is going to call him and while they believe my daughter there isn’t anything they can do.

So it’s over. Family and Children’s Services will talk to my daughter one last time and that’s done.

4 thoughts on “It’s over

  1. Samantha Ann

    So how are you feeling about all this now that you know your answer? I know you’ve been pretty torn up about this whole ordeal. Is this bringing you relief or disappointment?

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  2. Both, I’m glad that my daughter doesn’t have to talk about it anymore to strangers, yet I’m upset that he’s going to get away with it. The “bright side” is that my daughters interview that was taped will stay on the record in case his name comes up again.

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  3. Samantha Ann

    That’s really good to hear. Hopefully you and your daughter can move on from this stress and focus on a better tomorrow now. And in the meanwhile, karma will give your ex what he deserves. It may not come today or even in the near future, but someday he’ll get it.

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