An update

So an officer finally came, she talked to just me. My daughter was in her room with the door closed since she is having a real hard time dealing with all this and the officer didn’t need to talk to her.

I told her what my daughter told me, I told her about my daughters history, I told her everything that he can use to poke holes in what she’s saying. I was even up front with the fact at first I wasn’t completely a believer until Monday. There was nothing that I missed as far as I know. So she went and called Victim Services to come talk to us, and honestly that was a waste of time. The things that they usually said I already have set up for her. So once again I heard that I’m doing everything right as far as my daughter goes. I did mention that I wanted to get back into counselling since this crap and all the bs that’s going on in the building is setting me right off and triggering me like crazy.

Their advice was that on Monday when I talk to the lady that is going to take my daughter on as far as counselling to let her know that I need to get in touch with someone that I can talk to.

So right now we are waiting to hear from the sexual assault unit that will be talking to my daughter, my daughter is writing out all that happened. I’m sitting here trying very hard to not have a mental breakdown.

So they have not contacted the ex yet, he sent me a text asking how to block the net on certain items through the service provider that his sister uses. So I’m not sure what’s going on now, at least the report has been filed.

I’m exhausted, have a wicked headache and sore all over, but still kicking. My daughter is miserable and whinny. On top of ALL this stuff, she’s going to be getting her period AND she’s getting a cold. How is that for awesome timing.

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