Sorry for the swearing…

I’m so pissed off!! So last Thursday my daughter was interviewed by Family and Children’s Services. I was told by the worker she believed what my daughter had said (I don’t know what was said in the meeting)

She told me that she would be filing a report with the child abuse unit at the police stations. Monday my daughter had an appointment with her bridge counsellor, after the three of us got together and I got more of the story of what really happened with the ex. The thing that made me furious was that my daughter said that he used to grab her hip bones, well he has a hip fetish. He said when he touched her hips he wanted to watch her masturbate. Then apparently if that wasn’t enough he actually grabbed her boobs.

She’s fucking 14 years old. So the bridge counsellor told me that she would be contacting FACS with this new information. I called my worker and left a message Tuesday saying that I needed to talk to her. It’s not Friday, I called her again, called her supervisor and even called the police to see if there was anything on file about all this. There isn’t so I got transferred to the head of the child abuse team I guess, another fucking message. So I ended up calling the police back and saying I want to get this shit started and file a report. NO ONE is fucking getting back to me, so you know what I’ll fucking deal with it myself. So now I’m waiting for an officer to come and talk to me and my daughter, which is not how I thought it would end up.

I guess that’s what I get for putting faith in the fact that FACS was actually on our side. I think the theory is because he’s no longer in the house, he’s no longer a threat, so they can take their time.

Fuck that! She needs to get fucking real help for this and I have a feeling that perhaps my brother who did something to my step-sister way back when did, did something to her when she was staying at their house when I went into the hospital. She was about 7ish, then when we moved in with him because he slit his wrists, I think that’s what triggered the whole obsession with porn and dating sites.

Ya ok I’m a little slow at catching things, every time she is asked if anything has happened to her before this the answer is always no. Now I have my doubts and am wondering if it’s true. Why would a 9 year old all of the sudden start acting like that, and even at 14 she is talks in a very sexually perverted way.

I’m seriously going to start throwing shit or hitting shit or just curl up into a ball and fucking cry.

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