Winter has hit!!

This was yesterday morning.

This was this morning. Sad thing is, it’s still coming down with more to come.

Over all though we have had a decent winter so I guess we can’t complain. This is the only real storm that we have had, just sucks that it’s March Break so my daughter is home.

She saw her counsellor Monday, more stuff has come out and as hard as it is it’s hard not to believe her now. Thankfully I kicked him out before anything really serious happened.

Monday I have an appointment with her full time counsellor so that she can get background information and stuff. She sounded nice and has the same name as me so that will be easy to remember.

Now it’s all just a waiting game, she has been up and down with her mood. I’m not sure what’s going on there. 

Her counsellor will be calling Family and Children’s Service because she disclosed it to her, which again I knew was going to happen.

There were things said to the counsellor that my daughter never told me. Now it makes me feel sick to my stomach hearing more and more.

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