Her counellor

I just spoke to her counsellor that she is seeing on Monday, just to update her what the worker said and to figure out where to go from here. The fact that my daughter doesn’t see this as sexual abuse is a huge red flag, so she is going to let the conversation come up naturally and then work on healthy boundaries with her. The key right now is to keep it hidden that I’m the one that started this whole process, knowing that it would come out one way or another, I knew that I needed the full picture to get my daughter the proper help that she needs.

In this case we are going based on what the worker said as this being true, lets face it I’m too close to both individuals involved. The counsellor appreciates me keeping her in the loop, since the more she knows of what’s going on the better she can help my daughter until she gets into her full time counsellor (whenever that will be)

So the story is far from over.

2 thoughts on “Her counellor

  1. I feel for you and the position you are in. But I believe you did the right thing, in a very hard situation. It couldn’t have been easy breaking up with your fiance, but why take the chance? I hate to say it, but some women would stick by their man, instead of protecting their kids. Plus, sometimes the truth is somewhere in the middle.

    I only hope you take care of yourself. If you need a counsellor too try 211Ontario.ca. There should be sliding scale services available. Stay strong!

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