Today is the day

Today’s the meeting with Family and Children’s Services and I’m scared and worried and a whole lot of emotions.

My daughter was up before me came and sat on my bed as my alarm went off and asked for her phone again.

I asked her why, she said to hang out with her friends. I told her why would I let her do that when the last time she said she was going to hang out with her friends she lied about that too? She started pouring and went and got dressed.

She told me last night she didn’t want to go to this meeting, she wanted to go to school. She kept asking how long it’s going to be and the answer I don’t know wasn’t good enough. I have no idea what’s going to be asked or done or anything at this meeting, how am I supposed to know how long it will be.

On a positive note my first assignment for school was submitted by

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