Make it stop!!

I can’t deal with all this stress right now. My daughter was more upset that she was going to miss school instead of being upset that this was all happening. She doesn’t want to talk to Family and Children’s Services. She doesn’t think they have a right to be involved and that it’s none of their business.

Last night the next door neighbour witnessed exactly what she had to say about having to talk to them. The neighbours exact words were “Awe… she doesn’t seem very concerned about today at all” so I said nope, then the neighbour said “Noticed last night she is irritated with the entire thing”

So it’s not just me seeing these things, it’s the people that are around my daughter as well. So now with them coming to the house, how am I supposed to give them the DVD’s with me talking to my daughter both times and seeing her reaction as well as the pictures I have of her and the ex after this whole accusation happened?

It’s not that I’m trying to prove one way or another who I believe it’s just that I think it’s fair that they have the entire picture of what’s going on. From my perspective, it’s more covering myself to show that there was no clues regarding this whole thing. It’s more covering my own hide, showing the help that I have tried to get her in the past as well as showing that there was no sign of anything happening.

If the accusations are found to be true, then I’m the one that gave my ex access to her, if they are false, then how could I have raised a child that thinks this is a good way to get something. What will happen next, what lie will she come up with that could be worse then this one to get what she wants.

She is still without a cell or any electronics, she is allowed to watch tv and that’s it. Really, sitting on my bed as my alarm went off this morning and asking right away if she could have her phone back? She doesn’t seem to care about anything that is going on with the investigation, it’s all about her phone.

I get that at 14 you want to hang out and talk to your friends, but I can’t even trust her to go out with the person that she says she is. She has lied to me so many times about so many things I don’t know what to believe.

There are 2 things in that I will not put up with and take very seriously. Someone harming my kids and liars, and now I have to deal with both. The accusation that someone may have thoughts of harming my daughter sexually and my daughter lying constantly. Plus the fact with all this going on someone is lying to me. So yes, I’m stressed beyond belief and just want to end it all. I can’t deal with all this anymore.

What happens if my daughter made this all up? How am I suppose to deal with that and how am I supposed to be in the same house as her?

4 thoughts on “Make it stop!!

  1. Samantha Ann

    This is such a hard situation for you to be dealing with. I’m so sorry you are dealing with all this stress. But I must say I commend you for how you are dealing with it. Given the history you have with your daughter, it may be hard to trust her however you are not a fool or idiot for trying to protect her if she says there was abuse involved. Hang in there!

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  2. As a survivor myself I can not imagine any child making something like this up. Now she’s changed her story and even if it’s just what he said and not did anything it’s still abuse. However, from hearing both sides it sounds like what he said to her she is twisting it and saying that it was what he wanted to do.
    I can’t deal with this, I’m having a nervous breakdown and I’m sinking faster then I can catch myself.
    If it turns out to be true how do I deal with it, if it turns out to be false how can I live with that.


  3. Samantha Ann

    I’m also a CSA survivor so it’s hard for me to understand why people would lie about something horrible like that… But we have to believe someone when they say something like that happened because it’s a matter of safety. There might still be a 2% chance she is telling the truth.
    Either way, you will live with it and you will come out stronger from it. Let this be a learning experience for all parties involved.
    And don’t let this drag you down. Breathe.

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