Around and around

So as was expected, Family and Children’s Services contacted me on Friday. I’m the only one that knows. It’s been an unpleasant and unsettling feeling, to say the least.

I talked with the intake worker for almost an hour, she is going to assign a worker and supervisor and I am filled with dread. While I am sure that on some level with organization does good, with me in the past I have had nothing but problems.

So my one saving grace (as in the reason they aren’t here with the police banging down my door) is that my ex is no longer in the picture. I felt bad for saying some of the things against Alyssa. 

Seriously, what parent wants to believe that their child (knowing part of your past) would even think of making something like this up? As the days past I question more and more if it happened. Based on what she says and her behaviour. It is an awful spot to be in, you want to protect your child with every breathe in you, so to think that they would go through this great length to end you relationship is not only incredibly sad, but also very scary.

What’s going to happen next? If I begin a new relationship do I have to worry about this again? If I make her real angry (like when I took away her phone) do I have to worry about her saying something about me?

Saturday morning my ex in question drove me to my MRI appointment. On the way home we ended up stopping for about an hour and a half going around and around in conversation. The drive out not much was said but, in that parking lot plenty was said. So later today, he has a class for work that he’s taking today, I’m going to get him to text me when he’s done and tell them that they are involved.

Other then that, the rest of Saturday my daughter and I watched movies and Sunday I moved the Xbox into my room and played on it in there so she could watch tv. Since you know she’s bored since I took her phone and everything away (which she asked if she could have back when she called me Saturday to see where I was) that would be a call from the home phone not her cell.

So what happens next is out of my hands and as much as this hurts and sucks, it is what it is.

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