And so it has begun..

I got a phone call from our worker from Family and Children’s Services. I talked to her for all of 5 minutes. She wants to set up a time that we can meet, however first she needs to contact the police child abuse unit. I don’t know if that means the police will be here when I meet the social worker or not, she is going to call me back later today or tomorrow to let me know what’s going on.

I have been keeping the ex updated, with a little lie here and there, just so he knows what’s going on and what to expect. I’m going to be talking to my daughter when she gets home from school.

As far as they are both concerned it was a third party that got FACS involved and not me talking to my daughters counsellor. Only because I knew it was inevitable that my daughter would bring this up to her counsellor, so I’m trying to get ahead of it, that way the whole story is already laid out as opposed to what my daughter tells the counsellor.

In the end if that is how it all gets played out great, if the two of them find out I started it all, well that’s a chance I’m willing to take. I am more concerned about my daughter getting the real help that she needs instead of having this accusation blow up in everyone’s face. I will be sure to video tape the conversation again with my daughter for whatever proof or body language or the words she uses, whatever, I want it all caught on video. That way it’s all documented.

I’m starting to wonder if now is really indeed the time to quit smoking…

I am still waiting for my textbooks for my online math course to show up, however since I know that it’s starting with Algebra, figured I would get a head start on practising it online, with the website that got me through my Core Math course. Even with all the stress going on I need to still attempt to focus on getting this course done.


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