In the blink of an eye, your world can change.

I got told today after school by my daughter that she thought I was still mad at her for Sunday. Even though I never said that I was ever mad at her, I was a little upset that she didn’t tell me earlier, but this was on him not her. She did NOTHING wrong.

I know why she thought I was mad at her, when she was telling me what he was saying on our walk, while I was listening the look on my face, the way I was breathing, the way I was walking faster. I could see why she thought I was mad at her, why she thinks I’m mad at her that we broke up.

It breaks my heart, the only thing that I can do is reassure her that she did nothing wrong. That even before she told me this I was having doubts, I wasn’t that happy. I don’t know what to say to her to make her feel better as far as her and I. All I can do is be here for her, and make sure I listen when she talks to me.

She has been attached to my hip and always saying we need to spend quality time together. Which I don’t get, since she likes to stay in her room on her phone. I told her my concern with that, since that’s what was happening before she went into the hospital. To be honest though, I have never seen her this happy in awhile.

She has been having issues with sleep though. She says that she keeps waking up and she seems to be waking up earlier and earlier. Even this morning she was up at 7am, her alarm goes off at 8. I don’t know if there is more bugging her that she’s not telling me, but she is being honest with me if she’s having a bad day at school or feels like cutting or whatever other feeling that she can’t describe. So for that I’m thankful.

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