Whether my daughter is lying or not is not the point. The point is that I will do anything for her, it’s kind of like the whole mental health thing. I am not willing to take the chance. She told me what he apparently said and did, that’s enough for me.

He fought it, tried to convince me that she was making it up, did everything he could from the guilt trip, to the fact that our future plans would be no more. Even went as far as bringing up my dad and my past.

You know what she may very well be lying, because she wanted him out of our lives, again though my daughter has and always will come first. He may feel like I’m betraying him and that my trust for him, though he never broke it, is nothing. But again I put my daughter first.

What if she wasn’t lying, what if she never told me and something worse happened to her. He seems to think that the reason that she said this was because he was to hard on her, always yelling and disciplining her.

He brought up all the lies and rules that she broke, I have been dealing with issues since she was 9, I know what she lies about and what trust she has broken with me, however NEVER in her life has she come to me with something like this.

It wasn’t just that she told me, it was the way she told me. She told it fast and with such conviction. When she was done telling me, she knew I was pissed, she started crying second guessing telling me.

All I could do was hug her and tell her that she did the right thing in telling me, that this was none of her fault. She hid in her room while him and I talked. Well he talked I was just staring out the window.

The ring is off, the dreams are broken, the heart is broken. However, while this chapter of my life has been shattered beyond repair, there is a next chapter that has yet to be written, and where that leaves us, who know.s


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