And the saga continues..

So the boy that has been texting my daughter non-stop all day finally said that he was coming over. I finally answered his texts and told him to come on over as we would like to talk to him. 

Figured that would scare him away. Nope, him and his dad showed up. So we got more things figured out. She was the one to be asked to called baby, he of course didn’t know she wasn’t allowed to date.

Fiancé said that at 14 they don’t know what love is and it doesn’t happen over a weekend. The boys dad chuckled at that.

So I’m glad he came over scrawny little kid and now his dad is going to go through his phone and look at his texts all because my daughter lied.

Awesome, so she is now bringing other people into her lies and making them take time out of their day to talk to us. They both seemed nice enough, but now there is no misunderstandings.

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