So yesterday I sent my daughter a text while she was at school, I suggested that she ask one of her friends to sleep over since it’s a four day long weekend. She told me that she wanted to be alone this weekend.

So today she asks if she could go to DQ with her friends. Of course I said yes, but also asked why she changed her mind about being alone. Her response? “I just did” typical teenage response.

So I slept in until 9 this morning, fiancé then took over the bed. So now I’m alone playing my game and doing laundry lol fun times.

The only stipulation I put on her going out was she had to keep me updated on where she is. At least she is out and with friends. Her mood had been unstable and I more then slightly concerned. I’m at the point I don’t know what to do.

Parenting is hard lol

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