There will be swearing. I’m sorry.

So this fucking girl that my daughter was dating is now sending her messages on Instagram, is now saying she is spreading rumours about her, when all my daughter has said to her friends is that she got text dumped by this girl. It was actually an Instagram dump but whatever.

She is saying that she is now emotionally unstable and suicidal because of what my daughter is apparently doing. I have read the texts that my daughter has been sending to her one friend. I know there are 2 parts to every story and I’m only getting half of it. However, teenage girls especially are bad for drama. My daughter just called me from the bathroom at school crying because of this.

Her mood is slipping and I’m just getting pissed off. I know that there is nothing that I can do about this and I know that this is not going to be the only time that this type of thing is going to happen, but fuck!!!

Her mood last night was up and down so fast that I think I whip lash trying to keep up. I know that this “relationship” meant a lot to my daughter, apparently more then the other girl. But, when this girl dumped her it was the whole “it’s not you, it’s me” speech and “we can still be friends”

As an adult that has done some dating in my life I know that there is no friends after being dumped. I’ve tried it and failed. So now I’m REALLY worried about her mood. We are not sure if the Zoloft is actually working or not, however we do know that the birth control that she’s on is NOT working. The whole reason she’s on birth control is for the whole regulation side of things. And she got her period while she was on her second week of the pill. This is her second month, so I’m guessing she needs a stronger does of the pill.

I am finally off crutches, at least for now and my knee is feeling better, so that’s good. The fiance stayed up all night playing our new game. Apparently because every time he tried to come to bed I was starfished on the bed. My usual position when he takes forever to come to bed. I start on my side as much as I can, but I can’t control what I do when I’m sleeping, I move around a lot what can I say!

He’s sleeping right now and I’m trying to deal with high school drama, and figure out what the fuck is going on with her getting into counselling. Yes she has the bridge counsellor but that’s not what I want, I want someone that will stay with her since the counsellor that she is seeing is temporary.

We see the family doc next Wednesday, so I’m going to see if I can get her a referral to psych at the hospital, since there are very few anti-depressants for teens out there. At least here in Canada, and while I really like our family doc, they only have limited knowledge on some things and would rather have her seeing someone that deals with meds for teens all the time. If the Zoloft isn’t working then maybe she should be on something else.

Or perhaps it’s just situational depression this time mixed with hormones and heart break. Man life was so much easier when she was younger. Not as much drama! At least she went for the drive with the fiance and then decided to tell me this morning so that we can both help her through this.

I told her what I meant by dating and so now she understands. However, in my opinion she shouldn’t even be seeing anyone right now, male or female, because of what happens if the break up in Grade 9.

She is however very excited that she is learning to play the violin in music class. That is the one bright spot that she has going for her. And even though she doesn’t see it now, she is beautiful, she just needs to see it!


5 thoughts on “There will be swearing. I’m sorry.

  1. high school is rough, and kids are just jerks.

    my GP and the psychiatrists i saw as a teen didn’t seem to have any problem prescribing me antidepressants. i’m not sure if things have changed with that compared to the late 1990s, but they switched mine every few weeks/months.

    between 14 and 19, i had been on celexa, zoloft, paxil, luvox, effexor, wellbutrin and trazodone (for sleep) and then 19 and older tried lexapro, olanzapine, risperdal, and seroquel with ativan for anxiety.

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  2. When she was in the psychiatric ward the psychiatrist said that there are only a few that are ok for teens to have so I’m a little confused. When I was 15 the psychiatrist that my mother took me to wanted me to go on something but she said no.
    We have an appointment with the gp on Wednesday so we will see what he says. I don’t think this is he right one for her though. So now starts the process of elimination to find what works for her.
    We never did find what works for me.


  3. yeah. they usually don’t (or shouldn’t) prescribe most meds to anyone under 18 (like they did in my case). i can remember one particular med caused worse dissociation for me and caused me to harm myself a lot more. it was really scary. but again, i was sensitive to most meds they gave me to start with which was never taken into consideration, and there were no services for me to access like a day program.

    i did have a psych nurse working with me and my family for a bit and someone (an adult) who just kind of hung out with me weekly just as extra support, although it didn’t feel useful most the time. they just wanted me to connect with someone and socialize as i isolated a lot.

    i hope they find something that helps her. it is hard as a teen too to know what is what hormone wise and development wise and what affects what in the brain as it is still developing.

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