Stupid hospital

So my daughter has her appointment with the counsellor today at the hospital. She bitched all last night that she didn’t want to go, well texts throughout the day as well, we went and picked her up from school and all of the sudden she’s all excited and has a bunch to talk about.

Well, lucky me gets to go half way through the hospital on crutches lol 😂 by the time we got to where we needed to be I was sweating and panting lol and now I get to sit and wait while I’m in pain.

So apparently my daughter sent my fiancé a bunch of texts saying she wants to go for a drive after this appointment and I’m not supposed to know why. 

Of course I know why, because he wanted my input, I’m just not allowed to say anything. So basically she was “dating” a girl at her school (she told us two weeks ago she was bi-romantic) and the girl broke up with her through text. The reason I’m not supposed to know is because she isn’t allowed to date until 16. Now the thing with this whole “dating the girl” that I’m not supposed to know is kind of funny. 

To me when I say no dating, its no going on dates, at school is not really dating in my eyes, it’s more a status not dating. So I see where she is coming from since Craig knew about this on one of their drives and he said to take it slow. So he was ok with it, we have had the conversation about what we consider dating to be so he already knew this isn’t what I meant.

I just wish I could comfort her. She has “dated many boys” throughout elementary school 😂 but reading the text exchange between him and her, this is the first time that she is VERy upset, which means to her this was an actual relationship. Apparently the girl text dumped her for a guy and the reason it was through text was because it would be to hard to say it to her face.

That is the problem with dating when you aren’t mature enough to understand and deal with things properly (if that’s even a real thing) Which is why the rule was put in place at least 16.

My concern now is what is this going to do to her mental health on top of her hormones on top of just being a 14 year old in her first year of high school. Parenting is like trying to navigate a bloody mine field half the time!

So ya, they are going for a drive, I’m waiting with my crutches for the appointment to be done so I can saw off my knee and it’s snowing 🌨 

Sadly I don’t know where my mood is because pain makes me bitchy and down and I have nothing to help with the pain.

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