Where is the motivation?

I’m sitting here playing on the Xbox knowing that there are things that need to be done. Fiance sleeping, daughter in her room playing on her phone. Yet I can’t get motivated. The things that I like to do and want to do, are just to hard to get started today.

Normally when I have my music on is where I find the motivation, however today I can’t even get out of my pjs. WTF. I’m all of the sudden exhausted. I hate how you wake up in a good mood, and while nothing is really happening, your mood just changes.

I just want to go back to bed, and that’s bad. For some reason it just feels like no matter how much I sleep I don’t get enough. Which is ironic since when I don’t take my sleeping meds and I’m up for 3 days I have more energy. Perhaps my body just doesn’t like getting sleep?

This is the last song that I heard, and I love it. Though if you heard my playlist you would be so confused considering the wide range of genres I have on it lol.

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