All I can say is wow!!

So yesterday with the drive, and last night making dinner my mood lifted. After dinner I put on my headphones and was playing on the xbox while my fiance and daughter where goofing around.

That’s one thing that I miss doing with my daughter, however my body is falling apart faster then I’m ageing and while there are days that I can fool around with her, those days are getting further and further apart. I’m fine with them goofing around, not so fine with the screeching that comes with it. Drives me nuts. The only thing that I can handle loud is my music, so it really rubs me the wrong way when they get going and she gets loud.

Other then that she seems to be doing better as well. Spends way to much time on her phone for my liking but again she is a teenager, so what do you expect. She was texting a friend last night and she was asked to go to Junior Prom by her, it was apparently a joke, however my fiance stole her phone and said yes. It was pretty funny actually, for us that is.

Apparently my daughter is bi-romantic (ya I had to look that one up lol) there are so many new terms out there that it’s confusing. I have no problem with it and I’m glad that she felt she was able to tell us, but honestly I don’t know what to believe. She’s 14, never had sex, so how can she really know what her sexual preference is?

We honestly thought she was a lesbian, but that was based on the porn that she got caught watching. I have always told her that I don’t care, as long as she is happy and when she does decide to have sex that she is careful and ready. Not pressured into it.

The way that she came to this conclusion is because she has a crush on a girl, but again, she is at a confusing age so while she may in the end be a lesbian or bi or straight or whatever, I think right now it’s just hard for her to figure things out. Hormones suck lol.

So overall the house is doing good. I have been doing some research through google and fb and I think as long as there is no major crisis going on in the house, I may turn to that for my blog writing. Which would be a welcome change from all the depressing and suicidal posts.

I figure you are never to old to learn knew things and perhaps I may find ways to cope for both of us that I haven’t found yet. As much as music and gaming helps for me, there has to be other ways that I can find that will work. I have tried a bunch but, those are really the only two that work. That and writing.



One thought on “All I can say is wow!!

  1. She’s a very lucky girl to have patient and open minded parents like the two of you 🙂 I’m also finding the more I read, the more I research the better I’m feeling. Less like grasping at options and more like taking control. Definitely helps with my mood.

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