So frustrating 

So apparently my fiancé felt my mood going down. When I was ready for bed he came and talked to me and I explained what part of it was. The fact that my daughter goes to him to talk, I explained that on the one hand I’m glad she has someone to talk to but on the other I would like her to be able to come to me as well. Unlike him, I know first hand what she’s going through.

So after talking for about 30 mins he said fine, he won’t talk to her anymore…. I said that’s not what I want I just need to accept it but it’s hard and it hurts. I have been there her whole life trying to keep her safe and make sure she felt comfortable talking or writing to me about anything. A year and a half into our relationship she goes to him to talk.

So basically by me telling him how I feel and part of why my mood is dropping he gets mad at me. How does that make me want to open up to him and tell him why my mood is slipping?

Like I said to him that’s part of it. The other part I have no idea why, which is 90% of the responses that he gets when I’m going down.

He doesn’t get mental health he doesn’t suffer from it and he just doesn’t understand that yes sometimes there are triggers for my mood slipping, but other times there isn’t.

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