She cut up her arms last night while doing dishes. Instead of talking to us she did that because she has to go back to school tomorrow and “deal with the douche bags again”

I showed her the veins in her arms and how close she was to them. I told her that talking and the three of us brainstorming over different coping strategies is better then scars and her cutting.

I don’t know what to do anymore!!

2 thoughts on “Lost

  1. I cut for many years growing up. My
    Mother abused me and cutting was an outlet. A lot of people don’t realize that cutting is actually proven to release endorphins it can become quite addictive as a coping mechanism. Especially for teenagers who do not turn to drugs or alcohol cutting becomes ritualistic. It releases the inside hurt and you get a sudden rush of euphoria like emotions. Most are in a trance like state I know I was I felt like I was watching myself cut. Much like a drug addict. I suggest not letting her do anything that could cause her to self harm. Let her know how serious it is and that she could be commuted to a hospital if you choose to bring her. Hopefully that will help. Love and light sister you are an awesome
    Mom for even caring 🙂


  2. I know all about cutting as well. Mine was my legs, so while I understand it the cuts on her arms where scary, she came close to some veins.
    I told her if she does it again she will go back to the hospital, which is not something she wants. The sad thing is we keep everything sharp and all pills locked away, didn’t even think about dishes.
    Love and light to you as well sister, thank you.


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