The struggle to maintain a healthy balance between appointments and school is becoming a challenge. While the school fully supports her and does not penalise her for missing school because of any appointments, I still don’t want her to be missing a bunch of school.

Thankfully her last class this semester is music, so I’m sure there won’t be that much that she will be missing. I’m trying to keep all appointments spread out so she misses 1 class a week. Thankfully her hardest subject this semester (math) is in the morning so as long I don’t have her missing that she should be ok. She has always struggled in math though, so we shall see.

Right now all we have is the bridge counsellor seeing her for about an hour and then thankfully our family doctor is keeping close tabs on her medication. He increased the Zoloft to 75mg and it seems to be working, thankfully. The next thing that we are waiting for is to see where she will be placed as far as a more permanent counsellor.

My mother has asked her to go out to BC this summer, it’s just for a month and needless to say I’m torn. My mom didn’t exactly help me with my mental illness when I was younger and with things still up in the air I’m not sure what to do. She originally sent the text to my daughter asking if she wanted to go out there, which pissed me off since it was the first time I even heard there was an interest in my mom wanting her to go.  Then she eventually asked me, my daughter said that she wants to go, and while perhaps the change in scenery will help, it still makes me uneasy.

So I told my mother that while I don’t have a problem with it, we need to figure out what’s going on with getting my daughter the help she needs first.  To be honest it would be nice to get a break from being mom for a month. As much as I love my daughter, it’s hard at times. She is a 14 year old female after all, lol that alone is cringe worthy, add mental health to that and it just adds up.

On a good note there seems to be a better line of communication opening up, yes it could use more work, yet it is so much better then it was. So right now I will take what I can get!

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