A week later

January 20/17

A week after my daughter was released from the psych ward, has been, as expected stressful and busy. Anyone who knows me, knows that I prefer to stay home then go out. Now of course there are times that I get the itch to go out, but this week was crazy.

Monday we had a meeting with the Vice Principle at the school to figure out a plan to get her caught up in anything she missed, as well put a safety plan in place for when she gets stressed or whatever at school. Tuesday we had a doc appointment with the family doc, I was expecting to get a refill of her meds and be back in a month or something. Nope, he no refill and he wants to see her next week for the refill to see how she’s doing. I mean in a way that’s good, he is the only one right now that has any contact with her as far as meds and her mental health from the doctors perspective, but another appointment.

So next week is going to be just as busy. We have done what we can here to keep things out of her hands if she feels like cutting or is suicidal, but I am struggling with her. There seems to be a never ending battle about EVERYTHING, whether it’s chores, or bed time or even what needs to be done before and after school. Everything is I will do it later, or I’m yelling at her or my favourite being that it’s not fair.

I finally had a breakdown and told her that it would be nice to get a thank you for all that we have done to get her help and keep her from hurting herself. Of course we never did get that thank you, but I guess that’s to be expected, she is 14 after all. She just started the increase of the med so she is now taking 50mg of Zoloft, other then her pupils being huge and the occasional upset stomach, she isn’t experiencing most of the other side effects which is good. So I have told her to increase the amount of food she is eating when she takes it and that seems to be helping the stomach issue.

It’s hard for her to take it at supper since right now with my fiance driving cab we eat late, but when he is doing his usual job we eat at a normal time. Sadly the normal job is only seasonal work, so we have to wait until at least May until he gets back to that. Then we are good until almost Christmas. It’s just stressful to deal with her issues, plus mine and then the added stress of money. Cabbing these days is not what it used to be, chances are by the time all is said and done we will be losing money. So after he is done the month of working for his buddy (who is making us pay less per week for then the company) he will be looking for another job.

I can tell that the amount of money that he is bringing in is getting to him. He is very much a man when it comes to that, he needs to be the provider for the family, which I think is noble, but at the same time when he is trying all that he can to provide for us but the amount that is coming in is not what he wants/expects that’s not really his fault. Right now I make enough to cover bills and some food, but the rest is kind of on him. He’s taking it hard.


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